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Special Thanks: Oleh records, Avner S, ACUM

*"Time" was recorded at "Kiche" studios.
Vocals in all songs were recorded at "ZIGO" studios.

Lyrics and music: Jasmin Stone
Musical production and mix: Danton Supple
co-mixing: Marta Salogni
Mastering: Pete Maher

keyboards and back vocals: Jasmin Stone
Drums: Idan Green
Cello: Yuval Messner

Supple said: "Working with Jasmin was great. Such a gentle, unusual tone and melodies. She's happy to play with sounds to create an atmosphere to suit her story. Her debut international release, "Time" was an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience. It has a mixture of the old and new and something fairytale like about its sound."

"Time" was recorded at "Kiche" studios.
Vocals were recorded at "ZIGO" studios.


Videoclip Directed by Shtamper
Actors: Shir Mautner, Chen Shauda, Roni, Anna Cherkasov, Diana Chiglyeyev
Photographer: Ronen Goldstein
Make up: Ofek Birenbaum, Omai Shitrit


Dave Simpson's article about "Time" (4 stars rate) in "Pure M" - page 29:


"Princess of Indie" (Shay Lahav, "Maariv")

"Jasmin Stone deserves a medal" (****) - Gal Uchovsky, "TIME OUT TLV"

"A songbird... my jaw dropped at her stunning singing... a gothic Lolita. Her new album, "Fragments", is one of the most beautiful albums I played this year, and may very well be the best of them all... A masterpiece... "Fragments" is one of those albums that do not just pass by the ear but send the mind far into the realms of the imagination. Jasmin concocts the perfect love potion... a deadly and nostalgic cluster bomb, whose fragments burst through my bullet-proof vest right to the main arteries... this album has been drifting along in my veins ever since, like good cholesterol".
(Avichai Bakshi, QUBE website. "Fragments" was selected as the QUBE's Album of the Year)

"Passionate music, powerful texts... strong and crystallized... "
(Roi Bahrir, "7 nights", Yediot Acharonot's week-end culture & entertainment section). My score: ****

"One of the best vocals in Israel" (Shlomi Kaufman, Radio Radius )

"Jasmin Stone has a melodic touch that plays the listener's most sensitive spots... she touches the artistic-erotic reflex... a gifted composer and an overwhelming performer, charismatic and creative, she's clearly among those who like the right side of The Dark Side of The Moon..."
(Sharon Arielli, "Zman Tel Aviv", Maariv"). Score: ****

She walks along her own unique track... soft and dream-like style with lyrical texts"
(Nimrod Dvir, Pnay Plus". Score: ****)

A blessed type of kinkyness... the Indie Princess...
(Shay Lahav, "Promo", Maariv)

"a lost fairy princess, Queen of synths" (Avishay Matia, "HAEER")
"Pop queen" (Ehud Manor, Radio 88)

The new and charming "Fragments" has everything a great singer needs: a rare voice, intimate and intelligent performance...
("Israeli" Magazine)
"Queen of sunth, Lost fairy princess" (Avishai Matia, Maariv)
A profound, fine artist... in "Fragments", Stone comes out with a clear and crystallized melodic line, with precise and clean writing. Beautiful, authentic and unique..."
(Avi Efrati, "Tel Aviv" Magazine, Maariv)

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released May 23, 2016

All music and lyrics: Jasmin Stone
Musical production on "Time": Danton Supple
Mastering: Pete Maher
Special thanks to: Acum foundation, Oleh records



all rights reserved


Jasmin Stone Israel

J Stone, a "synth girl", known mostly as a film-composer, a keyboard player and a songwriter - but also runs a solo career , loved by the critics.
Among her achievements - ACUM award twice,
"Album of the year" by CUBE MAGAZINE and other grants and prizes
( an award from "Hollywood
International Independent Documentary Awards" for best score).
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Track Name: Echo
Desert wind
Mirage lakes
Is it you or just your voice?
Lost echoes burn the silence
In the endless unknown
And I see you, I see you not
Desert wind
Mirage fountains
Someone walks
Without a shadow
Eyes of god
Are the only eyes here
To look for me
For you
And I see you, I see you not
Track Name: Naked heart
He was a man with a naked heart
No hand in his hand
No shoulder for his head
A nacked-heart man.

So he drawed a woman
on the sand,

"Thy shall I love
Thy shall I hold.
My heart will wear you
When it's cold.."

He was a man with a naked heart
on a seashore sand
Autumn comes, He was still holding
her hand
a drawn woman on the sand

"Thy shall I hold
Thy shall I love.
My heart will wear you
When it's cold.."

Until one winter night
A bad wave sweeped the shore
Sandwoman dove into the sea

"wherever you'll be -
I shall be."
Track Name: You promised
You promised me another day
You promised me another place
My love for you will always stay
your love for me will always be away
Track Name: Time
Winter in your eyes I see
And your smile is frozen
Maybe we should wait you say
Let the sun get closer
Just don't say we're a matter of time
We're a matter of now
Time is not our friend my dear
Time's the greatest lier
Time is gonna lure us in
burn us up like fire

Just don't say we're a matter of time
We're a matter of now
Right now
Track Name: Piano (bonus track)
Don't weep my piano don't weep
no one had played you for years
so sleep my piano just sleep
your strings are rusted with tears
one day at the end of winter
I'll be no longer alone
that shall be the day for us
playing and singing a song